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PM Kevin Rudd names first 21 projects to be backed by $9.6 million Commercialisation Australia fund


In case you missed it, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd earlier this month named the first 21 Australian ideas to receive Commercialisation Australia support totalling $9.6 million.

Since details of the initiative was released last October, Commercialisation Australia (CA) became the government’s new body to help Australian inventors, entrepreneurs and researchers turn their ideas into money-making products and services.

The three categories of funding included Assistance with Skills and Knowledge, Proof of Concept activities, and Early Stage Commercialisation, which provided a total of $9.6 million for companies that benefit and produce jobs for the Australian community.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the first 21 ideas to be supported by Commercialisation Australia at an address to Community Cabinet in Sydney’s innovative North West region.

The first 21 ideas consisted of a diverse range of innovative projects from around the country, including treatments for disease, advanced materials, cutting-edge electronics, new online services, and a host of other innovations in agriculture, the media, manufacturing and beyond (see below for the full list).

The new CEO of Commercialisation Australia, Doron Ben-Meir, was also announced last week.

For more information on Commercialisation Australia, visit www.commercialisationaustralia.gov.au.

List of the first 21 funded projects

State Organisation Grant Amount $ Project Title
NSW NeuClone Pty Ltd 748,655 A platform technology for use in the bio-manufacturing of biological drugs
NSW Highlight Ventures Pty Ltd 40,000 High Altitude Balloon Tourism Project
NSW EnGeneIC Limited 1,488,181 cGMP-compliant manufacturing of EDV-based anti-cancer therapeutics for commercial licensing
NSW Wolf Industrial Innovation Pty Ltd 81,000 Dynamic Industrial Coil Coating Thickness and Quality Control System
NSW Immune System Therapeutics Ltd 1,858,349 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment for Myeloma and Other Fatal Blood Cancers
NSW Global Detection Systems Pty Ltd 60,000 Toothed Whale (mainly Dolphin) alert system for the long line tuna fishing industry
NSW University of Technology Sydney 50,000 Aviator – single channel control system using EEG Signals
NSW NewSouth Innovations Pty Ltd 44,000 Market opportunities for a revolutionary photonic device assembly technology
NSW Newcastle Innovation Ltd (Professor Roger Smith) 205,677 A new diagnostic test to predict when a pregnant women will start labour
VIC Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Ltd 200,000 Commercialisation of Sienna’s Telomerase Biosensing Technology (TBT) for cancer
VIC Lockbox Pty Ltd 410,000 Security software enabling trusted institutions to deliver consumer electronic vaults
VIC Southern Innovation Trading Pty Ltd 300,000 Advanced radiation detection and measurement technology
VIC Ofidium Pty Ltd 1,543,742 100 gigabit-per-second optical OFDM transceiver demonstration
QLD TenasiTech Pty Ltd 186,559 Cost effective additive extending life and performance of thermoplastic polyurethane products
QLD Pressure Fresh Australia Pty Ltd 346,480 Commercialisation of an innovative, ready to eat range of avocado products
WA Faulkner Lab Pty Ltd 81,257 AtapaTM predictive media planning software
WA Zachary Goss 50,000 Snowboard brake (the brake) and security device
ACT Simmersion Holdings Pty Ltd 750,000 Commercialisation of Mycosm – a 3D visual Simulation Platform
ACT All Homes Pty Ltd 1,060,798 Commercialisation of allhomes.com.au in national and overseas markets
TAS Healthy Business Tasmania Pty Ltd 65,000 Unlocking life: health and human change online support system
TAS Vision Instruments Pty Ltd 103,980 Portable Retinal Camera