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Plan the next step to your business success in the palm of your hand


The Australian Government has developed a suite of free iPad apps which will enable business owners to create new business, marketing and emergency plans right on their iPads.

The Minister Assisting for Industry and Innovation, Senator Kate Lundy, launched the new and enhanced planning apps at the FutureGov Summit in Canberra in September.

“The planning process for companies can be daunting, but sound planning is required to start, run and grow a successful business,” Senator Lundy said.

“By making planning templates available in a tablet app format, it will now be easier for businesses to create plans and update, share and store them online.”

“Developed with the help of business experts, these smart apps are a great example of how the Gillard Government is using engaging and interactive technology to help business owners improve their productivity.”

The two new iPad apps, MyBizPlan and MarketMyBiz, provide interactive templates to guide the user through the process of developing business and marketing plans.

The existing app, MyBizShield, has been updated in response to customer feedback to improve its usability and enable cloud storage. The app was launched last year as part of a suite of resources to help businesses plan for emergencies.

“A look around any business office shows that owners and managers are embracing new technologies like tablets and smart phones,” Senator Lundy said.

“As a Government we recognise how important it is to keep pace with rapid technological change and provide information and tools in a way that helps business owners increase productivity.”

The Executive Director of the Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA) and passionate small business owner, Peter Strong, welcomed the new tools.

“This technology is the way forward and the business.gov.au planning apps are a great way of helping small business owners take advantage of new technology to improve the way they operate,” Mr Strong said.

“Having your plan right there on your tablet device, means you can refer to your planning information really quickly anywhere. It’s not sitting in a filing cabinet somewhere collecting dust.”

“As technology develops, these kinds of apps will become commonplace for small businesses—and I’m pleased that business.gov.au is leading that change.”

The apps are based on the popular business.gov.au business planning tools which earlier this year recorded over a million downloads. Android versions of the business planning tools apps are currently being developed.

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