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Out of many, the master anointed… the 10 chosen ones! Disclaimer: This is not a movie trailer.


The ANZ Innovyz START Program is an intensive three month accelerator program that assists prospective and existing small business owners to successfully develop and grow their businesses. Last year it produced some awesome companies with seven out of the ten chosen hailing from Australia.

The program is modelled on the renowned US-based TechStars program, which just so you know, has created some of the world’s most successful start-up businesses.

So, why am I telling you all this? It’s that time of year again! ANZ in partnership with Innovyz, recently announced 10 companies selected to take part in the second edition of the program. They are the chosen ones I tell you.

What is the ANZ Innovys START Program all about?

The program kicked off 21 January 2013. Representatives from each of the 10 companies will relocate to South Australia for 13 weeks.

There, they will work with world-class mentors; I’m talking CEOs and corporate executives who have started, grown and exited companies. All this will be done with the goal of refining their business models, shaping their marketing and product strategies, and prepare for global growth. Basically, they will come back as business ninja assassins.

Some of the high-profile program mentors who will be there include Chief Experience Evangelist for Microsoft’s U.S. Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) team, Chris Bernard, noted Silicon Valley entrepreneur Martin Babinec, and co-founder and former Chairman of DealsDirect, Paul Greenberg. The 10 entrants were selected from over 120 applicants. This year nine of which are from Australia, compared to seven in 2012.

Dr. Jana Matthews, Managing Director of ANZ Innovyz START said, “We were looking for break-through ideas that could be enabled by web 2.0, software and mobile. We have been very pleased with the breadth and depth of business ideas we’ve seen in the applications for the 2013 ANZ Innovyz START program. The vision, passion and ambition of our entrants is testament to Australia’s burgeoning start-up and small business eco-system.”

Nick Reade, ANZ General Manager for Small Business said, “ANZ’s ongoing support for this program forms part of our commitment to the Australian Small Business sector and in particular start-up businesses. When you’re a start-up business, success requires more than a great innovative idea, it’s about having the right support, mentoring and access to knowledgeable investors to get off the ground.”

“This program is about fostering growth and innovation in start-up businesses and working with start-up companies to rapidly accelerate their growth. We’re a strong supporter of the start up segment, approving around 7 out of 10 start up loan applications.”

“So who are these chosen ones?”, I hear you ask. Well, I present to you the 10 ANZ Innovyz Start Entrants Summer 2013.

The Unicoach

This is a system that guides undergraduates through a step-by-step process that increases their productivity and enables them to achieve academic success.


This one is a website that enables bands to sell music directly to their fans through their existing social networks – no labels, no middle-men, no distributors.


A software company whose first product is Singa, a social network platform for both web and mobile devices that enables users to karaoke LIVE with online friends anywhere in the world.


Here we have a booking site for the health and fitness industry that allows users to quickly compare gym deals and book their visits online.

Mobility Unlimited

A convenient new technology for all types of road price charging, regardless of location.


An online service that enables users to easily combine isolated datasets and gain insights quicker and cheaper than alternatives.


Web based software solutions that measure and promote data-driven improvements in patient safety in hospitals.


A secure cloud based archival solution, which enables the sharing of product information, graphics, or personal memories in an audio-visual format.


A website with products that counter stereotypes and contribute to the health and wellbeing of girls all over the world.

Agent Anything

A website that connects people and companies to cost-effective student labour for almost any kind of task, temporary job or service.

Well there you have it; we wish all the ninjas-in-the-making the best of luck in South Australia. Break a leg!