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After conquering Australia, this 23-year-old entrepreneur is spreading her innovative recruitment start-up’s wings to New Zealand


Founded by 23-year-old entrepreneur Gen George, OneShift is an online job-matching service that is out to take the hassle out of recruitment while chopping the cost too.

With various jobs ranging from hospitality shifts over busy periods, to animal care and legal services, OneShift lets businesses and job seekers cut out the middleman and find the best matches, whatever their needs.

Job seekers simply create a free profile, complete with availability, skills, referees, qualifications and location, which can be viewed by potential employers online.

With over 260,000 job seekers and more than 26,000 Australian businesses now using the service, OneShift topped off a phenomenal 2013 with a $5m strategic investment from staffing and facility management company Programmed late in the year.

Gen expressed her excitement about the move saying, “I’m glad that we can now offer our Kiwi cousins the same talent matching advantages currently enjoyed in Australia.”

Why has OneShift expanded to New Zealand in particular?

Gen told Anthill that it was only natural to extend to New Zealand, revealing that they have a lot of jobseekers who move between New Zealand and Australia as well as businesses that operate in both countries.

Furthermore, OneShift’s new partner, Programmed already has a presence in New Zealand, so it makes sense strategically for them to take the next step there.

What does OneShift’s expansion into New Zealand mean for businesses, job seekers and recruiters there?

Businesses in NZ will now have a more affordable tool for connecting with jobseekers.

While traditional recruitment sites and agencies require one to pay just to advertise positions, OneShift lets businesses post ads for free, paying only 30 bucks to contact all candidates and that’s only once they have actually found suitable matches.

Gen further revealed to Anthill that as part of their initial launch however, businesses will be able to contact jobseekers for free. You know what they say about early birds and worms…

Jobseekers will be able to create profiles for free and market themselves to businesses not just in New Zealand but Australia too. The more opportunities, the better, right?

As for her competition in NZ, Gen said they are in for a headache commenting, “Our intelligent, technology-inspired recruitment model is far more superior, easier and more affordable than traditional recruiters, who are failing to move with the times.”

What else has OneShift been up to lately?

Gen also shared with Anthill that the earlier mentioned $5m funding will be invested in maintaining growth through marketing, continuous innovation in technology and staff.

In fact, OneShift launched into 2014 with a key hire in the month of January, appointing former iris Worldwide Managing Director Simon Porter as its new Marketing Director.

Mr Porter has 15 years worth of agency leadership experience in the UK, Europe and Australia, with clients such as Sony, Vodafone, Microsoft, Shell, Adidas and Diageo.

Late last year, OneShift was recognised as one of the Most Innovative and Best New companies on the planet at the prestigious Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Gen George was also recognised in the Young Female Entrepreneur of The Year category and also won one of our very own Anthill 30under30 awards in last year’s edition.