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From go to whoah! Less than a year old and more than 117,000 members. A local startup story


At 22 years old Gen George has already built a remarkable business.

In June 2012 George launched her startup OneShift – a play in the casual and part-time work space.

In less than a year, there are more than 117,000 registered members who are looking for work.

But, more remarkable is the fact that there are several thousand registered employers looking for staff.

It’s a business that looks to set to shakeup the recruitment space. The OneShift business model is simple – put people looking for casual work in touch with companies looking for casual employees.

Gone are the long contracts for advertising available roles. Gone are excessive advertising costs that the major job listing sites charge.

OneShift is changing the online recruitment landscape.

In this podcast hear about how George took this business from an idea she had while travelling, to pitching to family to raise the initial funds, to securing leading industry mentors – ones who understand how to revolutionise a stagnant market.

Gen George, Founder of OneShift.com.au