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Not everything is as it seems. A cat discovers a mirror and begins to ponder [VIDEO]


Cats can see themselves in mirrors.

I was always led to believe, as a child, that they could not.

It turns out cats can see themselves in mirrors, it’s just that they just can’t be bothered.

Which seems fair enough, if you think about it. A cat’s life is pretty sweet as it is – they sleep, they play, they eat stuff and they get attention. Why mess all that up with wondering how you actually look?

This cat does see its own reflection. But, rather than puffing up, hissing and threatening attack, which is a fairly standard cat reaction, this cat takes a different path.

This kitty version of jazz-hands (see Video #2), also requires remarkable balance on the edge of a bath.

It just goes to show that somethings you believe are not true. And, that discovery of something new can be an awesome experience, be it human or cat.

Video #1: Cat poses in mirror

Video #2: Jazz hands!

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