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Gift-giver’s dream? Wish Registry might be it in the festive season


It’s that time of the year when you make the most wishes and buy the most gifts. But as any Christmas shopper would know, as much as there is no more joyous occasion, there is none more stressful, too.

To make that task a tad easier, serial entrepreneur Claire Summers and the tech incubator Blue Chilli have rolled out a mobile website and app. Think of this as the mother of all wishes, one that promises to makes gift-giving a breeze.

Wish Registry not only allows people to create their wish lists and share them with anybody, but also throws in the bells and whistles. So, for example, users can add photos of the items on their wishlist and even add a geo tag to pinpoint stores at which they are available. Summers says the app and mobile website can record preferred sizing, styles and colours. What’s more, the geo-location feature, allied with social networks, can even prompt users on a smartphone prompt when they have walked in the vicinity of the store environment where a wish-list item is available for purchase reminding them of the preferred gift.

“Wish Registry is a leading innovation in the in-store retail environment and offers consumers a one of a kind interaction from the digital platform ‘wish-list’ to the ‘bricks and mortar’ space of retailers,” said Summers, an expert in retail marketing. “With its customised push notifications and superior geo-location capabilities, Wish Registry will drive consumers into retail stores to purchase desired Christmas gifts.”

A marketer with over a decade’s senior-level sales and marketing experience with big brands and Australian retailers, Summers created the app and mobile website after spotting a gap in the market – not only for a little tech help with gifting but also for ways to engage online users at an in-store level. She initially seeded her innovative idea to top-level management at several leading retail operations. With their endorsement, she then pitched it to the incubator and “venture technology” firm Blue Chilli, which promptly signed up Wish Registry as its 24th business venture.

Wish Registry has signed on Australia’s biggest retail destinations, including Diana Ferrari, Domayne Furniture, Lorna Jane, Sanity, Secrets Shhh, Sussans and Tony Bianco. It expects to add some other big-name outlets, and together with the retailers, tap social media to advance use of the Wish Registry.

Wish Registry was named in the top 50 of the Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia as part of Anthill Magazine’s 8th Annual Cool Company Awards.