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Even the genius of San Francisco tech companies can’t solve the hipster problem [VIDEO]


Oh great. This is just what we need. San Francisco is about to become even smarter.

I don’t mean the people, given so much of our talent already packs up and moves there, or at least spends significant amounts of time in the 7 square miles that is the mecca of all things technical and entrepreneurial.

No, it’s even worse than that. Some of the greatest tech companies, and the minds behind them, are joining forces to solve the problems of the city itself.

And, they are problems that affect every city. So, eventually we may all benefit from these smart city solutions.

Why aren’t parking meters run by apps that take payments and send expiry alerts? Why don’t we know, in real time, what all the public transport and taxi options are at any given point? Why isn’t there city-wide wifi?

They are basic problems, and the technology exists to solve them.

Who’s behind this grand scheme to make San Francisco smarter? The list of companies involved is a veritable who’s who of the tech scene: Airbnb, Salesforce, Zynga, Riverbed, AT&T, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Square, Jawbone and others.

Yet, with all this genius and technology, there still not be anything that can be done about hipsters.

The initiative is known as sf.citi();.

Watch and learn cities of Australia, watch and embrace.

This is how technology will create a smarter San Francisco