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Meet myEd, Anthill 2017 Cool Company Award WINNER [X-Factor]


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myEd [WINNER, X-Factor]

Company: myEd
Website: myedapp.com
State: VIC
Category: X-Factor

“As a teacher, each and every day, my colleagues and I strive to allow students of varying abilities to be challenged at their point of need to reach their full potential. However, traditional approaches and first generation edutech, simply don’t deliver in making this possible in a sustainable way,” Daniel Wolf-Clark, CEO of myEd told Anthill.

Born in 2012, myEd was built to tackle this challenge by providing a sustainable way to differentiate, individualise and personalise learning, allowing students to transition from being dependent to independent learners, facilitating deeper connections between students and teachers and moving teachers away from being ‘the sage on stage’ to ‘a guide on the side’.

It does this by providing schools with a unique workflow, taking cues from project management techniques, best practice pedagogies, UX design, technology architecture, then combined and honed with decades of experience in school change.

myEd intentionally sheds the legacy of the “industrialised model of teaching”. Unlike other products, whilst it does this, myEd intelligently keeps some key familiar aspects of a teacher workflow, making it accessible to a wide range of teachers. Subtly driving behaviour towards more collaborative, personalised, teaching and learning. Even allowing students to become the educators for both their peers and teachers.

Its various benefits include:

  • students challenged at their level of ability;
  • greater engagement in learning;
  • deeper connections between students, teachers and parents;
  • development of 21t century skills;
  • improved pathways for students beyond school;
  • reduction of teacher stress, and;
  • eduction in environmental impacts of learning materials.

This is why we see institutions like University of Technology Sydney, Foundation for Young Australians, Voice Science (Speech Pathologist), Aboriginal Health College, Bush It (online training organisation) and many more using myEd.

It is available for sale through demo and free trial opportunities captured through their website, partner relationships with other Edutech companies such as SEQTA, Synergetic and SchoolPro and third party distributors. it will soon to be available for direct purchase through their website.

When they are not revolutionising edutech, the good people over at myEd engage in surprise kite flying competitions as part of their “fun in the sun” day at the beach.

“We also had a surfing lesson that I actually took. Being a formed outdoor ed teacher, it was great to be able to use the skills again. We had one wetsuit malfunction so I ended up having to go without. it was a little cold, however so worth it to see the team having such a ball,” Daniel revealed to us.

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