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Meet Marquette IP, Anthill 2017 Cool Company Award WINNER [Savvy Service]


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Marquette IP [WINNER, Savvy Service]

Company: Marquette IP
Website: marquetteip.com
State: VIC
Category: Savvy Service

Marquette IP initially came to life when founder Sarah Poole got fed up seeing the same trade mark and brand issues arise over and over again, stepping out on her own in 2015.

As an intellectual property specialist, it bridges the gap between the brand development and the brand protection industries.

Unlike most IP firms, Marquette focuses on looking after small-to-mid size branding agencies and their clients, who are brand owners, seeking legal clearance and protection of their brands, both locally and internationally.

Servicing clients at this stage in the evolution of a product or business, helps clients avoid the big pitfalls. This model also means that early stage innovators can now afford due diligence services that were previously beyond their reach.

It does this by partnering with digital, branding and creative agencies at the “cold face” of IP development in a B2B capacity, promoting due diligence at key points in the branding and project lifecycle, to avoid “key pitfalls” and contribute value add.

Marquette breaks down barriers by challenging legal stereotypes and embracing change.

Its service improves on what came before because it abandons the standard approach of a traditional law firm and helps businesses within the creative sector access advice more readily, minimising the threat of re-brands and third-party competitor issues for their clients, as well as combining forces to create more valuable IP assets.

It is made for small-to-mid size branding agencies and their clients, who are brand owners, seeking legal clearance and protection of their brands, both locally and internationally.

“This target audience makes up 60% of our client base. Branding agencies aren’t IP experts and can’t afford to benefit from the necessary due diligence required to develop a legally enforceable brand.” Sarah told Anthill.

“They have built our services into their own, because we’ve made this achievable and worked to their rule book. Likewise, brand owners require the relevant legal advice and support throughout their whole business journey to maintain security in their brand assets.”

Its various benefits to the customer include obtaining a legally protectable brand in Australia and internationally to achieve their export ambitions, minimised risk of re-brands and third-party competitor issues, and increased value of their business assets.


“In the IP industry, there aren’t many trade mark professionals that truly understand the brand development process or appreciate it from a design perspective. IP professionals have gained a reputation within the creative industry for neglecting or hindering the work that they do.”

“At Marquette, we collaborate with creatives, providing “value add” to the service their client receives and ultimately safeguarding investment in their client’s brand. We speak the same language as creatives, respecting the branding process and breaking down barriers which other IP lawyers can’t shift.

“Marquette has introduced a new style of providing trade mark advice, which will become a movement in time. Positioned as the “in-house” legal arm to small-to-mid size branding agencies, our approach flows through our branding and provision of advice, promoting the importance of developing and investing in a distinctive and consistent brand,” she added.

The savvy service provider has experienced consistent growth of approximately 25% per quarter since launching. The size and calibre of its clients has also grown along the way, with its point of difference being recognised and the value of its specialised expertise.

Only two and a half years into business, Marquette is already gaining attention from branding agencies around the world and even large corporates, which desire a more tailored and contemporary approach than other firms would provide, particularly those with an international focus.

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