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    Five ‘remarkable’ pitch videos


    Earlier this week, inspired by InnovationBay’s call for pitch videos, we invited aspiring capital seekers to submit their videos to Anthill.

    Of the 22 responses, the following five pitch videos were not selected for their investment appeal.

    It’s not our job to make investment recommendations. In fact, we’re not allowed to (unless we want to risk getting fined and facing some serious jail time).

    This is because the solicitation of capital is heavily regulated by the Australian Corporations Act.

    So, the following five videos were selected against another criteria.

    We found each of the five pitch videos below to be, in some way, ‘remarkable’. That’s right. Each was worthy of being remarked about. And, to be frank, as a media organisation that’s the only criteria we really care about.

    (Secret Confession: One of the following is not a genuine pitch video. But it could be used to replace several of the pitch videos we received, and we’d still be none the wiser. Can you guess which one?)

    123cars: Group Buying for Cars

    Chargebar: Public Mobile Phone Recharging

    Rapid online ad builder

    This video has been removed

    Carl Sherriff Design: Unique Presentations. Unforgettable Messages.

    Chrysler Turbo Encabulator: Your pitch video?

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