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Love your business? You could win $20,000


Cynics beware: there are honest souls out there who tell themselves, “I love my job!”… and mean every word.

They just don’t think that the paperwork and adding numbers are the parts of work to get excited about.

That’s the premise behind one company’s “Love Your Work” campaign, which aims to get business owners to tell them why.

MYOB, an Australian group that specialises in management solutions for businesses, will award a $20,000 grant to the business owner who gives the best answer to two questions: “What are you most passionate about?” and “How would you spend $20K on your business?”

Anyone who includes a photo or company logo with their contest entry will be featured on the MYOB Love Your Work website, giving them an opportunity to further publicise their business, according to the company’s media release.

Suzanne Damms, Group Manager of Marketing for MYOB, said that the company understands the hassles that managers must endure to keep their businesses up and running.

“Few people establish their business to do accounting, produce tax returns, pay superannuation or set up websites – so they are just some of the things that MYOB solutions take care of,” she said. “This allows business owners to focus on what they love, or do best.”

The entries will be judged on how creative, humorous and original their responses are to the two questions.

The grant was inspired by “the passion, drive and determination of Aussie business owners,” said Ms. Damms. “We’re looking forward to business owners sharing that passion with us.”

Entries  are being accepted until Friday, 9 August at http://myob.com.au/loveyourwork.