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Lose your office suit for a black belt in start-up entrepreneurship judo


Are you a corporate employee with entrepreneurial aspirations? Well then, this should be of interest to you. Start-up incubator program Corporate to Freedom will be running a one-day start-up boot-camp in Sydney on Saturday 27 July 2013.

This boot-camp is designed to give you the ninja skills you need to make a seamless transition between corporate life and your real dream – owning and running a successful business. The one-day boot-camp will see seven of Australia’s top start-up experts coach budding businesspeople on how to get their dreams started.

Basically, Corporate to Freedom is here to empower you, the high-potential corporate employee to try out entrepreneurship before quitting your day job. That way, you don’t have to play dice with your life, making an all-or-nothing gamble.

Why is the Corporate to Freedom boot-camp relevant right now?

A recent joint study by Google and PwC identified that by unlocking the unrealised entrepreneurial potential of 2000 employees, Australia’s GDP could increase by $109 billion! With this in mind, start-up fanatic and the man behind Corporate to Freedom, Johan du Plessis has set his sights on turbo-charging the Sydney start-up scene.

du Plessis says the process of transitioning from working as a corporate employee to becoming a new business owner needs to be made less risky in order to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Australia’s future prosperity depends on innovation,” said du Plessis. “We need new industries to be developed and to further the great work already being done in growing Australia’s reputation for business innovation.”

“But we are only one piece of the puzzle. The greater economic prize promised by Google and PwC’s study will be won when we have an integrated Sydney startup scene that can grow successful businesses along each stage of the entrepreneurial cycle,” du Plessis added.

Who will speak at this Corporate to Freedom boot-camp?

Who are the speakers on the day you ask? Well, these will include entrepreneur and international best-selling author Brian Sher and PayPal seed investor with $1.5bn exit, Peter Davidson. Sher is recognised as one of Australia’s top business advisors, while Davidson is a former venture capitalist and the co-founder of collaborative co-working space Fishburners.

Sher and Davison will join seven of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and business coaches at the one-day boot-camp, showing over 500 aspiring entrepreneurs how to get started on their next project. Attendees will be workshopping solutions to the 9 Key Stumbling Blocks faced when starting their own business. Interested? Then go book your place right away!

[notice] Corporate to Freedom 1-Day Startup Bootcamp will be held at the Scientia Building UNSW Kensington Campus, 9am-5pm. Tickets start at $217. For more information, please visit www.corporatetofreedom.com

Special to Anthill Readers – Tickets are normally $217, but you can use the promo-code “ANTHILL” and pay only $130 – that’s a massive 40% off! [/notice]