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Is virtual reality set to become the next big thing in social media? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Much of the discussion about VR until now has revolved around gaming. It was essentially all about leisure VR and people would play games with their friends online in a virtual world. This has been the main focus of VR thus far, but as outlined in this infographic from One Productions, it could all be about to change. With Facebook’s purchase of Oculus in 2014, people started to put two and two together and concluded that Facebook had some plans for VR – they were right!

In truth, much of social media isn’t even that social now. Most people check their social media when they are on their own and communicate through written messages and likes. VR in social media really does have the potential to be a gamechanger.

It was at an October 2016 conference that Mark Zuckerberg and his team gave people a glimpse into the progress they had made with VR. It was exciting to see the team interact in various ways in a virtual world but it was also clear that work needed to be done to create a truly virtual world. It really is exciting to see the progress but the images are still somewhat cartoony. Find out everything about VR in social media in the infographic.