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    How to… change your life!


    Anthill’s ‘Magazine 2.0’ edition will be circulating throughout Australia during the December/January period – often aptly described as the ‘silly season’.

    But the holiday period is also a time of reflection. It’s a time for evaluating our work lives, our personal lives, our goals and our ambitions.

    For that reason, as the next installment in our Magazine 2.0 Experiment, we’re asking you to nominate how you (or how you think other readers) might want to…

    Buy a bar.
    Open a boutique.
    Become an expat.
    Go country and farm Alpacas.
    Join a Nunnery.
    Direct a movie.
    Run for Parliament.
    Disappear completely off the grid.

    And… change their lives!

    You may have goals that are not so bold and more specific, such as…

    How to spy on your competition without getting caught.
    How to re-invent your brand… then sell your company.
    How to turn a bland business blog into a Machiavellian money making machine.
    How to sack your customers (and have then thank you for it).

    This is your chance to tell us what you want to ‘discover’ this holiday period.

    Of course, we’ll also be inviting other readers to answer your questions.

    All you need to do is leave your suggestion below. 🙂

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