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    Cool Company Awards 2008 – Commercial Creativity Award

    The Cool Company Awards 08

    And the winner is…


    Using a high-end data-led approach, Pareto Fundraising helps organisations such as The Cancer Council, The Lost Dogs’ Home and the National Heart Foundation of Australia to increase (sometimes even double or treble) incoming donations. Add the fact that Pareto was founded in 2002 with just four staff and has grown to boast offices in four countries with over 30 staff, expected to grow by 20 this year, and you get a pretty cool picture.

    snapshotstatsparetoHowever, the Commercial Creativity Award wasn’t created to just evaluate the coolness of a company. It was developed to assess the success of one particular campaign or project the company has undertaken. In Pareto’s case, its free David Hicks campaign – run on behalf of Amnesty International to mark the five-year anniversary of Hicks’ incarceration without a court hearing – was our cool winner, for its use of novel and creative means to pursue a commercial objective.

    The campaign was created to achieve financial and non-financial objectives that were both met and surpassed, including signing over 4,000 individuals to join the campaign (1,000 more than Bono himself could manage at a U2 concert held in Sydney at around the same time). And from this 4,000, Amnesty now has acquired over 120 regular donators, adding exceptional long-term value to the campaign.

    Aside from standard marketing techniques, Pareto also utilised several ultra-cool methods to attract attention for various Amnesty causes. One of these included setting up a digital projector that displayed the names of individuals who had signed the petition to free Hicks on an outside wall of the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

    Pareto also created a life-sized replica of Hicks’ cell in several major cities to help passers-by ‘walk in his shoes’. Once in the cell, visitors were invited to sign a digital petition.

    Not only was this campaign run for an extremely worthwhile cause, it was also run in an extremely cool and creative way.

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