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    Would you like a business, brand or personal makeover?


    So far in this Magazine 2.0 Experiment, you have helped us scope out the cover design, named who you want to interview, suggested topics, largely populated our Housekeeping and Opinion columns and nominated a company or two for Paul Ryan’s New Media section.

    This week we ask…

    Would you like a business, brand or personal makeover?

    During this ‘experiment’ a number of branding experts (from company marketing experts to personal branding gurus) have stepped forward to offer their expertise.

    We thought, why not ask those eager to help out to ‘makeover’ some of our readers.

    Would you like some direction with your personal or business PR?
    How about some advice on your branding?
    Would you like to be given a grooming makeover?
    How about an attitude upgrade?

    According to one expert: “Personal Branding is aimed at the individual (up and coming executive, entrepreneur, small business owner) where their personal brand reflects their business brand and can have a significant impact and may either make or break their success in business.  We would look at how we can give them an edge and have them standing out from their peers, competitors – taking them from good to great!”

    If this sounds interesting, all you need to do is put your hand up and nominate your business (post your interest below).

    We’ll send in the appropriate branding guru and get both your ‘stories’ in Anthill Magazine. This is your chance to improve your business and also get some extra exposure in Anthill Magazine (I can see the colourful pictures now!).

    Simply post a comment below, describing your business and its goals. Also, please let us know where your business in based and whether or not you know what area of your business you might like some assistance with.

    So… Would you like a business, brand or personal makeover?

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