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Hey! We know what’s going to happen with interest rates! (Just kidding)


Boy howdy, the Reserve Bank of Australia gave us a righteous scare, didn’t it? All that hullabaloo about creeping inflation and the threat of rising interest rates. We were this close to expanding Beer O’Clock to three days a week. Plus holidays.

But then the Bureau of Statistics rides in Wednesday with its white stallion: Wages slowed unexpectedly in the first quarter of 2011, which the econo-wonks say should ease the pressure on the RBA to boost rates. So we’re all out of the woods, right?


Rather than answer that question with words, we direct your attention to this video, which is a few years old but carries a timeless message. It’s from a show called Newstopia that aired on SBS. The “newscaster” is Shaun Micallef, who has since risen to stardom as the host of the family-friendly game show “Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation” on Network Ten.

The lesson here is that when it comes to economics, the rules of gravity don’t apply (and that a stuffy outfit such as the Reserve Bank is always a juicy target for a good ribbing). Trying to predict what happens next is about as easy as paddling a surfboard from Brisbane to Hong Kong. Good luck.

Salty language warning:
High, with depictions of suicide.
(So, don’t say you weren’t warned!)

Newstopia explains the Reserve Bank