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Hate chores? This app lets you have your laundry and dry cleaning picked up from and delivered to your home or office


Are you tired of doing chores and wish you had more leisure time? Dryz, a Melbourne-based tech start-up, has launched an app that offers an on-demand, door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning service.

With a few simple taps, Dryz users can place an order to have their clothes picked up at home or the office, and get everything back at the same or a different location within 24 to 48 hours.

And the pricing is comparable to and often lower than many brick-and-mortar dry cleaners.

1. Good for your laundry… and the environment too

Beyond just providing a higher level of convenience and customer service, Dryz is also looking to help the environment in its own little way.

The company uses an eco-friendly cleaning process that contains zero petrochemicals, which is better for garments but also completely safe for the environment.

In addition, by reducing the amount of trips customers would otherwise make to the dry cleaner, users of the service can feel good knowing they have reduced their personal carbon footprint.

Dryz is currently available on the iOS App Store, and will launch an Android app shortly.

In the meantime for anyone who is not an iPhone user, the service is fully accessible through their website, www.dryz.com.au. As a launch month promotion, Dryz is giving 30 per cent off the first order to anyone who signs up in the first 30 days.

What is the story behind Dryz?

The company was started by two friends who share a deep passion for technology enabled consumer services and are both serial entrepreneurs.

Prior to starting Dryz, Tuan Vu (pictured) was a director at the largest consumer mobile accessories retailer in Western Australia. He started the business from one location with no outside funding shortly after graduating from university, and went on to grow it into over 20 licensed outlets in only 3 years, turning over $5 million per annum in revenue.

Tuan told Anthill that he had always been a voracious user of dry cleaning services, and was flummoxed by time-consuming and frustrating experience of going to many different shops to find the rare combination of good quality and reasonable pricing.

He also pointed out that the experience is challenging at times, especially given that most cleaners only open during regular business hours when most of us are also in the office.

Seeing that many others had a similar problem, Tuan set out to create a simple solution – build a service that lets people get their laundry and dry cleaning done with a few taps on their smartphone. “We thought this would be a perfect application of marrying mobile, on-demand accessibility with scale-driven logistics.”

Tuan teamed up with James, his college roommate who is a veteran in consumer technology from his days as a founder, CEO, and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, and the two of them are now aiming to build a company that continually delights customers in every aspect of the business.

Dryz has already raised a six figure seed round from undisclosed investors.