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Groundbreaking app requires kids to answer math questions to unlock their favourite phone apps


A new Australian app has solved one of the biggest issues facing parents today – children are glued to their devices (upwards of 4.5 hours a day).

1Question transforms this time into a learning experience by requiring a child to answer a study question before they can open their favourite apps.

And what’s more – the 1Question Parent Control App gives real-time reporting on the progress of their child and the areas they can improve upon.

Available to download now from both the App Store and Google Play Store , 1Question is the brainchild of husband and wife entrepreneurs, Issac and Ann Elnekave.

1Question is designed to make mastering math, english and other curriculum material as easy as learning the latest TikTok moves.

“Much like sneaking veggies into cake, 1Question app seamlessly leverages screen habits to create micro learning moments,” said Ann Elnekave, Co-Founder of 1Question.

“Engagement is the holy grail of educators – if only kids were as motivated to learn their times tables as they are their TikTok moves. We created a solution that blends screen time and study to maximise your child’s valuable engagement.”

To coincide with the app’s launch, 1Question is also giving mum and dad investors the opportunity to own shares in the company.

With a global market approaching 1.5bn students in K-12, a first mover advantage, advanced AI, and a seasoned management team, it is expected the strong early interest will lead to an oversubscribed investment round.

Investments in the Edtech (Education-technology) space have skyrocketed from $500m in 2010 to $76.4bn in 2019 and is expected to top USD$350bn by 2027, and as classrooms transition further into a digital space, those numbers are expected to grow.

The share offer will be managed by OnMarket; one of Australia’s most reputable equity crowdfunding platforms.

As a result of its innovative tech and global growth potential, the Australian Tax Office has granted 1Question Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) status. Investors in 1Question are eligible for a 20% tax offset and a 10 year capital gains tax exemption.

1Question works by downloading the app on your child’s phone, telling a child’s school grade, selecting the curriculum subjects you would like your child to learn, and which apps can be unlocked by correctly answering a math question, every time they are accessed.

Parents can also download the 1Question Parent app, which allows them to remotely make changes to their child’s learning settings and provides an advanced AI driven, real time, dashboard of their child’s progress.

“We designed the user experience to be really simple, but underneath the hood is our incredibly intelligent AI engine,” said Issac Elnekave, Co-Founder of 1Question.

“As your child learns, so does the AI, which seamlessly deciphers each child’s areas of strength and weakness and autonomously charts a customised path for their learning.”

1Question will launch with math questions designed for Kindergarten to Year 6 students but will soon expand to include teens up to Year 12.

The existing 12,000 questions were developed by the company’s team of 30 teachers utilising Australian, US and UK curriculums.

The app will also include English and Science subjects in the very near future and is developed to allow unlimited educational content to be uploaded.

“We built the 1Q platform and AI engine to create micro learning moments on any topic and have been inundated with requests for more topics almost daily: HSC preparation, learning the road rules , first aid, coding, Sign language, we’ve even had parents wanting to create their own custom questions… stay tuned!” said Issac.

1Question is a one-of-kind solution that no other study app offers, and therefore the potential windfall for early investors is huge.

Apps that tick some of 1Questions boxes have become darlings of the tech scene.

Leading examples include, Quizlet (US$1B valuation and 50m downloads), Duolingo (US$2.4B valuation and 300m downloads) and Brainly (US$800m valuation and 50m downloads).

“This is a great app! Really has improved my daughter’s maths, she feels so much more confident. Thank you 1Question!” said Kathy, a parent involved in the app’s pilot program.

“Bloody oath. Where was this app a few years back!” Gary Sweet – Aussie actor.

“Great concept! I think this is really going to be a game changer in the education space!” Brett – CoFounder of Reimagined Classroom.

After a 14 day free trial period, 1Question costs only $2.99 per month for access to the 1Question platform and unlimited educational content.

The Parent App is available free of charge to monitor your child’s activity. 1Question takes privacy seriously: “We don’t own your data – you do, we use the data we collect solely to improve the learning experience, we don’t and never will sell your data or advertise to children” says Ann Elnekave, Co-Founder of 1Question.

With an equity crowd sourced funding target of $1.5 million, 1Question plans to use funds to scale 1Question globally.

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