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Goodbye mistakes, hello bulletproof business: A new book teaches how to grow your business fast while protecting it


Australian business owners – your prayers have been answered! The new bible for smart strategies to protect, maximise and accelerate your business recently launched.

Bulletproof Business is the brainchild of authors Shayne Cook and Jason Cook who developed the concept with leading Australian business coach and mentor Dr David Dugan.

Experts in finance, Shayne and Jason saw a gap with the quality of advice in the market; advice which could be the difference for business owners and their financial success.

shayne and jason cook
Shayne and Jason Cook

They decided to fill that gap

In light of this, they teamed up with David because of his vast knowledge and business experience having worked with over 1,160 businesses on a one on one perspective and over 3,000 in larger groups.

Dr David Dugan
Dr David Dugan

Combining their forces has produced the complete solution to help business owners create sustainable and predictable results in what is otherwise a turbulent time in the market place.

With strong educational values along with their experiences in business, authors Shayne, Jason and David believe the right education is the key to running a bulletproof business.

Together they have helped de-clutter the otherwise overwhelming amount of information about growing a business and distilled the essential elements to build a successful, profitable and sustainable venture, regardless of economic times.

Working in the business trenches every day of the week, they see all the mistakes and errors business owners make. Businesses also want advice they can trust based on real world results happening today – a network they can be open with, somewhere to share ideas for self-improvement.

Passion for business is a driving factor for the book. Within, they share their years of practice with simple and easy tips, things to look out for, and ideas to improve financial success personally and as a business owner.

In Australia, the landscape of small business is on the incline and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 2,100,162 actively trading businesses in June 2014. The vast majority (97 per cent) of Australian businesses in June 2014 were small businesses increasing by 20,496 since June 2013.

What is Bulletproof Business about?

“The philosophy is simple,” says David. “Most business owners are struggling with the managing their team, attracting new business and are stuck trading time for money. We have the opportunity through this book to show business owners and entrepreneurs a smarter way to grow their business.”

“It is a way that empowers, educates and inspires. It provides a time tested and proven system to grow a better team, attract new business and stay focused with a clear map to follow.”

Inspiration for the book has come from a number of sources. One of the big influences for David has been through his extensive work as a trainer with high profile performance coach Anthony Robbins and also leaders who lead with passion and fun including English businessman and investor Richard Branson, a legendary marketer Jay Abraham and all of the business owners they work with on a day to day basis.

“It’s been a year in the making and we are excited to release a book which we believe fills a huge gap in the market for business owners because it gives a simple and easy plan to follow that has been tried and tested in Australia and in today’s economy,” says David.

“The book is a step by step guide which supports small and medium business owners, allowing them to grow their business profitably, strategically and sustainably.”

To celebrate the release, the book was officially launched amongst Brisbane’s business community with a 150 strong crowd at the Brisbane Powerhouse early this month.

Choosing the Brisbane Powerhouse to host the launch event was homage to days of old when the building generated electricity that powered and lit up Brisbane’s first businesses, growing the city to what it is today.

“It is a very powerful location and is the perfect metaphor for the book, which we believe will be the power house to providing positive energy and insight for the future of business within Brisbane and Australia”, says David.

The book is available for purchase through Amazon and at Presidio Finance’s website. Available for hard copy $29.95 or $11.99 e-book.