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The Wall Sticker Company: Not your grandma’s wallpaper!


Recently, home décor has gotten a blast from the past, thanks to The Wall Sticker Company. The Wall Sticker Company is based in Melbourne, and the company is making removable, movable, and regret-proof wallpaper.

Wallpaper is resurging in popularity, but we haven’t forgotten the paisley mistakes and putrid plaid blunders of our parents and grandparents. Thankfully, The Wall Sticker Company is taking a bold new approach to wallpaper.

The company has introduced a range of self-adhesive wallpaper that is quick and easy to put up as well as take down. This is welcome news to landlords and home remodelers everywhere. The company’s wallpaper stickers have a nice fabric texture, and are fully washable.

And, when it comes time to pack up and move, the stuff can be removed in seconds, without damaging the underlying wall. The best part is that the removed wallpaper can be re-used in your next pad.

Wallpaper: Not just for grandma anymore.

So, what do the designs look like? Well, taking a look at The Wall Sticker Company’s official website, you will find enormous wall-sized murals of the New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower, blue polka dots, geometric patterns, and a map of the world, among many others clearly aimed at the preschool set.

What you won’t find among the designs of The Wall Sticker Company are the hideous floral explosions, vomit-inducing repeating designs, and god-awful damask mistakes found frequently in grandma’s houses of yesteryear.

Wallpaper designs have also been given a rebirth by this award-winning business, with beautiful designs for nurseries, children’s rooms and homes, created in-house, and by Australian designers.  And, if you have a design you’ve always wanted, the company does offer a full customization service.

The Wall Sticker Company’s pleasant wallpapers are made in Melbourne, Australia, and are BPA and PVC-free.

So, cover up that mustard and fuchsia paisley mess on your wall now that there is no excuse, Anthillians.