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Extreme sitting: PR stunt or next Olympic sport? [VIDEO]


We’re all for building rest time into your workout, but Salzig Sporthocker has taken things to a whole other level.

Designing duo the Landschütz brothers invented the sport of hockern about three years ago. What’s in God’s name is hockern, you ask? Remember the days when your teacher told you not to swing on your school chair? Hockern’s basically the extreme version of that.

In a nutshell, it’s playing silly buggers on a fancy-looking milking stool. The street sport calls upon players to jump with, cartwheel around, do headstands on, before finally sitting upon said stool – like parkour with hard furnishings.

We say, if synchronised swimming gets a look in at the Olympics, why not hockern?

Hockern for the 2012 Olympics!