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This Aussie platform is bridging the gap between commuters and part-time landlords through weekday lodging


What do you get when you cross a marketing guru with a research genius? The newest lifestyle craze, set to transform the way Australians rent. Introducing WeekDay Space and the women behind it.

Australia’s property market will never be the same again, thanks to Jessica Lai and Rani Cohen. These two women have created something truly unique, unlike any Australian business before it.

WeekDay Space is the solution Australians have been waiting for. More than two million Australians commute more than 90 minutes per day. One third of Australians rent and 87 per cent of people living alone have a spare room.

WeekDay Space brings them all together in a new lifestyle taking the country by storm, weekday lodging.

What gap has the platform identified?

Often, home owners don’t want a full-time lodger because of the limitations this imposes on freedom and space.

Commuters don’t want to move just to avoid the traffic. WeekDay Space is the answer to this conundrum, connecting commuters with people who have a spare room close to where they work.

It means extra income in the bank for landlords during the week while retaining their space and freedom on weekends.

Similarly, commuters benefit from the flexibility of somewhere to stay without having to permanently move – this is also a great option for Australian University students.

“The very concept of ‘home’ is changing. Lifestyle is more important than ever and we believe that the flexibility of WeekDay Space will help people design the life that really works for them,” says Ms Cohen.

A few decades ago, the ‘Australian Dream’ was to own a house in the suburbs and work locally. That simply isn’t the reality or aspiration for many Australians anymore. These days, convenience is key and the spaces we live in should serve us to that end.

That’s why WeekDay Space works, because it understands Australia. Unlike outdated rental agreements and expensive mortgages, WeekDay Space serves the needs of our growing population.

What exactly does Weekday Space do?

WeekDay Space is a platform providing landlords and renters with an exciting alternative. Perfect for commuters, WeekDay Space offers lodgers rooms for rent during the working week.

This boosts home owners’ income while allowing them their own space on the weekend. For lodgers, it is a more affordable and convenient solution than permanent renting.

The inspiration behind this genius strategy is Jessica’s and Rani’s shared belief of work/life balance.

“Weekdays should be more fun,” says Jessica. A better quality of life becomes a possibility when people are given the chance to live close to work or university, while going home on the weekend.

Who are the women behind this game-changer?

Jessica and Rani met while they were both working in London. Fast forward a few years and they are budding entrepreneurs, changing the landscape of Australian real estate and lifestyle.

Both Jessica and Rani have always harnessed their skills to make change. Rani has put her marketing talent to good use with some of the world’s most well-known brands as well as working alongside entrepreneurs to turn their vision into reality.

Similarly, Jessica has been the research behind winning political and advertising campaigns, using her passion and smarts to make things happen. Now, that is exactly what they are doing together – making things happen. Their shared business, WeekDay Space, is an Australian first.

For Jessica and Rani, their success is just the icing on the cake. Both women have always dreamed of creating something from scratch. Their combined work dynamic is unparalleled, they are quite simply a powerful force on the business front.

“I’d say persistence is a key value to both Rani and myself,” says Jessica, a new mum on top of being co-founder of this quickly growing venture.

“We’re committed to each other, our vision and our families. That’s what drives us,” agrees Rani.

This vision, that Jessica and Rani are committed to, is huge. It is not only a vision for their own business, but for the very way Australians live and work. WeekDay Space is all about sharing space and creating unique lifestyles.

“It’s such a no-brainer business idea. We just couldn’t pass
up the opportunity to make it happen,” says Jessica.

This is the genius of WeekDay Space, it is a no-brainer. It’s exactly what Australia needs. The dynamic duo behind WeekDay Space is just as attention-commanding as the business they have created.

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