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Blogging for business (Darren Rowse Webinar)


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Blogging for your business… or blogging as your business!


When: 16 November 2011, 12-noon
Where: At your laptop, Mac or PC!
Cost: Complimentary*

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Learn from a commercial blogging phenomenon.

Darren Rowse is one of the world’s most successful professional bloggers.

In 2002, he “stumbled” across a book on blogging. Within five years, his ProBlogger blog was listed as number two on Technorati’s most favourited blogs list and number 40 on its most linked to list. His blogs generate around 85,000 page views… wait for it… a day!

They also generate over $20,000 in total ad revenue a month (and that’s before affiliate and product sales) from his one man office in outer-suburban Melbourne.

Why should you care about blogging?

  • Are you a business owners and want to harness the power of blogging?
  • Have you been given the task of blogging within your organisation?
  • Are you a hobbiest with big dreams for your blog?

We know at Anthill that there is only one way to guarantee traffic to your website.

And that’s to create compelling, remarkable, shareable content. And the easiest way to start is by blogging. Yet, blogging doesn’t need to be so hard!

Why choose this topic as an Anthill webinar?

Hundreds of thousands of Australians turn to Anthill to learn about about development tools, techniques and tactics.

In the niche realm of online marketing, Anthill has become quite an authority.

However, while many look up to us, we look up to Darren Rowse.

There is little about online marketing or blogging for profit that he doesn’t know. His books are sought after world-wide and his knowledge is priceless.

Next time you see Anthill launch one of its many online marketing experiments or test a cutting-edge tactic or tool, you can probably be certain that, despite Anthill’s apparent prescience, Darren Rowse has been there first.

What’s a webinar?

Okay, we admit it. Anthill has been a bit late to discover the wonders of the webinar.

If you’re a technical Luddite (or just strange and backward), according to Wikipedia:

A webinar is a neologism, short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web, specifically a portmanteau of web and seminar, to describe a specific type of web conference. A webinar can be collaborative and include polling and question and answer sessions to allow full participation between the audience and the presenter.

If words like ‘neologism’ and ‘portmanteau’ get you confused, a webinar is simply a way to login, join a vibrant and instruction online-seminar, pose questions and participate in online learning.

How does is work?

Simply click the register button, follow the prompts and you’ll be sent reminders and login details when the time is right. Don’t put this off. Register now!

1300411501 GoToAnthill How to master the art of cloud management [Anthills Second Ever Webinar]When: 16 November 2011, 12-noon
Where: At your laptop, Mac or PC!
Cost: Complimentary*

register btn How to master the art of cloud management [Anthills Second Ever Webinar]

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