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Check out this recipe: How to make a dish of noise and influence policy (Cooking time: 60 days)


Let’s say you’re an advocacy group.  You have a mission.

Your job is to affect policy, policy makers and the public. Your job is to raise awareness, or in other words: Your job is to MAKE NOISE.

Here’s a recipe for a great dish of noise with an average cooking time of about 60 days.

List of ingredients:

1. People: The more passionate the better.

Start with the people that are working in your advocacy organisation.

Use the people on your mailing list and other supporting organisations. To complete this recipe you’ll need at least ten passionate people from your organisation. They will act as your raising agents. You should also have at the ready a network of supporters from similar organisations and groups that fit your agenda including industry, other advocacy groups and supporting politicians.

2. Social tools: Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Youtube, Hashtags, RT’s and comments.

You’ll also need a website and an e-newsletter.

3. One big simple goal (preferably focused):

Think about one thing you’d like to accomplish. What’s your end goal? Make everyone understand and agree to this goal. Your campaign will not be won until you get it.

4. One rotten organisation you want to influence.

Try to pick an organisation who has suffered from bad publicity lately. This will make your noise stick better.

5. A splash of media attention. A bunch of media outlets including journalists and bloggers.

Making the noise.


Step one: Mix your people and your social tools by opening facebook and twitter accounts for the ten people in your organisation

Add your goal until you can see everyone tweeting and facebooking about it. Add your network of supporters into the mix. Follow and friend those, mix with your raising agents and beat until dissolved.

Step two: Add twitter hashtags, facebook posts, Youtube videos and blend into the mix posts, tweets and RT’ing

By now you should see your noise rising daily. Continue to stir until you see surfacing bubbles of RTs and likes on facebook Keep noise on high heat and stir for seven days.

Step three: Check noise

By now it should be thick with followers and supporters. Add your e-newsletter until you get more followers and likes.

Step four: Pour your noise onto the rotten organisation’s facebook page

For example: If you bake the noise for Victoria’s premier Ted Baillieu, get your ten agents and supporters working on his facebook page until you get a reaction. Add direct tweets @Ted Baillieu. Make sure your efforts are amplified by each one of your raising agents, RT’ed by your support network and liked.

Step five: Stir thoroughly

After each comment is made on rotten organisation’s facebook wall, there should be another comment from your organisation and /or support network. Increase temperature regularly until someone answers on the rotten organisation behalf.

Step six: Slowly add some media attention into the dish by tweeting and facebooking directly to media outlets about the noise

Wait until they react. Keep increasing the heat by sending more comments, getting more people involved and adding more media attention.

Your dish is finished when you see an action. This can be a promise from the premier to fix things, sparking a debate that grows beyond “social media” or a growing movement of citizens that are now empowered to support you.

Step seven: Take the noise off the heat

Have a beer. Measure. Learn.

To learn more about a successful noise making try Nestle Vs. Greenpeace.

With extensive experience in branding and marketing, starting as a copywriter at Leo Burnett and McCann Erickson advertising agencies, Tamir Berkman’s thought-leadership led him to help brands develop their social business strategy. His most recent clients include Nissan Motors, STA Travel, Carsales.com.au and Goodness Superfoods.

Image by watcharakun