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The crowdfunding industry in Australia just got the required equity shot in the arm


Recently, Scott Morrison admitted that small companies will benefit from the ability to equity crowdfund.

The Treasury Media Release, here, noted “a view to extend crowd-sourced equity funding in the new year to proprietary companies.”

Pozible co-founder, Alan Crabbe noted that his site has been so busy of that they have had to make substantial new improvements to ensure the site can cope with ongoing demand. Alan stated that “this is the game changer Australian business needs”. The new bill, here, “is going to put us on a level playing field, globally” Alan noted.

One campaign running on Pozible, is for craft beer company, Thorny Devil. They like most small business have had “banking” issues. They were initially approved an investment only to have the bank renege half way through. So the new beer tank Thorny Devil needs to replace the old one that broke, arrives in Australia today, still has around $25,000 owning prior to bottling can restart. Peter McAppion commented “if equity was an option now we would not have to give away so much free and cheap beer”. His campaign has a FREE Beer for the Year offer = here. Peter noted that if they reach their $75,000 stretch target they are giving all a Lifetime 15% Discount. Cheers, Peter.

Alan, from Pozible, has noted that many of the earliest and most successful international equity crowdfunding campaigns have been for craft beer brands. Alan is attending the annual Crowdfunding Institute of Australia conference in Sydney on Friday, 2nd December, click here, along with other industry leaders, locally and globally.

Tony Clemenger, from Clemenger Consulting, has noted that the Prime Minister came into leadership stating “The Australia of the future has to be a nation that is agile, that is innovative, that is creative.” Tony commented “it is great to see some of his leadership qualities coming to fore. I do hope this continues, we all benefit from effective leadership.”

Yesterday’s announcement and the fact that small business is the digital revolution, globally, will now empower small businesses to “take on” the banks. The Australian banking “cartel” has been the thorn in the SME’s side. Now that financial disruption is on the front page it will be interesting to see what happens with Apple Pay and the banking cartel. The ACCC is yet to make up its mind, their latest update is here.

Today’s global digital mobile village empowers and enables the individual to achieve all and more. Now the Government is given the “little fella” another feather in their bow. Australia will benefit from this decision.