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Creative Innovation conference is back this year to solve ‘wicked problems’


Australia’s answer to TED will be back this November for its third edition, with the theme: “Wicked Problems, Great Opportunities! Leadership and courage for volatile time.”

Creative Innovation Asia Pacific is a brainchild of Tania de Jong AM, a versatile woman with a rather overactive “right-brain.” The Melbourne-based de Jong has been a leading Australian soprano, thought leader, corporate consultant and entrepreneur. What’s more, she won a tennis scholarship in an American university.

In 2010, she first orchestrated a conference inspired by – rather than modeled upon – the hugely popular Technology Engineering and Design conferences started in the United States. There has been no looking back since. The talks at Ci focus on leadership, innovation, education, technology and science but it adds a few features that have found immense appreciation.

These include so-called Master Classes and Deep Conversations, allowing extended mentoring as well. Check with us in a while on how to get free tickets for the Masterclasses and Deep Conversations.

Ci2012 is also handing out 10 scholarship places to emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Scholarship winners receive full pass to the conference and a minute’s speaking opportunity.

With the Australian business sector stuck with risk-adverse strategies and stifling of creativity and innovation, Ci2012 also intends to submit its findings and results to the Australian government for consideration.

Prof. Allan Fels, an ambassador for the event, says those who work in government and the public sector would particularly benefit from the conference.

“With its creativity, its stimulating array of international and national speakers, its emphasis on cross-fertilisation of ideas and its focus on the future and its opportunities,” the public sector executives will learn new ways of thinking and acting and new ways to generate, shape and connect ideas with people.

Scheduled speakers at the event will include the following:

  • Google’s Chief Technology Advocate Michael T. Jones;
  • Disruptive expert Scott Anthony;
  • U.S.-based global futurist Thomas Frey;
  • Steve Vamos, founding president, Society for Knowledge Economics, and director, Telstra;
  • Eric Knight, economics consultant and author;
  • Dr. Megan Clark, CEO, CSIRO; and
  • Kogan.com founder Ruslan Kogan

Last year’s conference featured more than 40 outstanding speakers, thinkers and leaders including Briton Edward de Bono and American futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil.

This year’s event is set for 28-30 November at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. Interested participants can make their bookings here or call 03 9645 9858.