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Chaser's 'psychic' swine-flu billboards


Two items of news from today’s papers fit so neatly together that the ABC’s satirical Chaser crew might now be able to add ‘psychic’ to their growing resume of achievements (alongside political agitators and accidental law-breakers).

On exactly the same afternoon that Chaser publicity billboards were erected across Melbourne suburbs, featuring the message below, a sixth case of swine flu in Melbourne was confirmed.


Speaking yesterday to Queensland’s Daily Telegraph, before the Melbourne case was widely reported, The Chaser’s Domenic Knight was unapologetic.

“At a time of widespread fear about a swine flu pandemic, we’re proud to do our bit to help confirm people’s most irrational hysteria,” Knight said.

“Think of it this way – in the unlikely event that the disease does become a far more serious proposition… these billboards of ours are going to look really, really ill-advised.”