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New Twitter search engine designed specifically for Australia


BuzzNumbers recently launched a new Twitter Search Engine specifically designed to meet the needs of Australian marketers, community builders, advertising agencies as well as recruiters. What’s more, this search engine will be totally free of charge to use.

AussieTwitterSearch.com enables companies to search Twitter and identify relevant people based on the information listed in their profile. This includes interests, hobbies, job role or affiliations, and all with an Australian focus.

“Twitter’s search functionality is pretty good but with nearly 2 million Australian on Twitter, and no way to find Aussie Tweeters by profile information, we knew we had to bring the BuzzNumbers know-how to create a public search engine. BuzzNumbers is in a unique position that it has the smarts to bring something to market.  We are really pleased with the usefulness of this free service,” says Nick Holmes a Court, founder of BuzzNumbers.

Why have people been asking to search Australian twitter profiles?

Australian marketers and PR professionals need to find the right people, faster and cheaper than ever before. They may be supporting a product launch, a marketing campaign, political candidate or even trying to unite people over a common set of interests – whatever their purpose – Twitter profiles offer amazing information in one spot.

Holmes a Court indicated that the service has been in beta tested by a number of BuzzNumbers clients “with overwhelmingly positive feedback”.

Founded in 2007, BuzzNumbers is Australia’s top social media monitoring company with a broad portfolio of enterprise, government and agency clients. BuzzNumbers delivers its clients social media monitoring, reporting, workshops and insights.

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