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Business coach Andrew McCombe promises magic elixir on golfing green


As long as the sport has existed, golf and business have gone together like balls and sand-traps. Andrew McCombe is taking this natural relationship one step further,  building a business around handing out networking tips, not just golfing wisdom, to business executives out on the green.

Andrew McCombe is a successful business coach who once was a wannabe beach volleyball player from New Zealand.

His latest venture, Activate Your Business Golf Tour, promises to lower your handicap on the green and, perhaps, at the proverbial 19th hole, too.

We all know that Australians are great outdoors people, and great sports lovers, too. Yet, it is reasonable to assume that mixing business and sport, or golf, may not always be easy, at least for some executives.

The biggest point of difference between networking of the type most executives are used to and the one that occurs on the golfing greens is its “authenticity,” says McCombe. “It’s not forced and it is more in alignment with each person’s style,” he adds.

Golfing together, even for a period of time, can lead to real bonding with favourable repercussions for business, McCombe says.

“As business owners, it makes good sense to surround ourselves on the golf course with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are also passionate about golf,” he says, “and because of our two very strong common points of interest, we’re already a lot more likely to do business with each other.”

McCombe, who has for the past 16 years run a business coaching service under the brand Activate Your Business, believes he may have  discovered the secret to “turning golf into a genuine, effective marketing and business growth activity.”

The Activate Your Business Golf Tour tees off this spring with a series of four business golf days in Sydney – at Bayview Golf Club on 30 September; Ryde Parramatta Golf Club on 13 October; St. Michaels Golf Club on 18 November; and at Oatlands Golf Club on 6 December.