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From a boss, like a boss: Boss Camp Adelaide educates young entrepreneurs


Admit it: You’d love to walk down the street shouting ‘I gotta business – like a Boss!’ à la the Lonely Island.

Okay, maybe that’s just me.

Stupid song fantasies aside, a passionate group of Adelaide entrepreneurs is giving young people the chance to learn and connect with successful entrepreneurs in an effort to cater for the entrepreneurial spirit so often disregarded by the traditional education system.

Indeed, it is this lack that Boss Camp founder Sasha Dragovelic aims to address with the event: “Alternative career paths, such as entrepreneurship, are just not catered for in the current school system. I’ve seen lots of students fall through the gaps because traditional study isn’t for them – this event gives them an alternative.”

Boss Camp, the first program of its kind in South Australia, was awarded both the Majoran Distillery and Second Place prizes at the Startup Adelaide Entrepreneur competition. The inaugural event, to be held on the 8th and 9th of October, was also launched at the competition and nearly half of the available tickets were sold in the first 12 hours. The Boss Camp team also raised over $18,000 in sponsorship over the two days.

“We have been amazed at the level of support – there hasn’t been a single business that we’ve approached that hasn’t wanted to get on board in some way. This is just the start”, said Dragovelic.

Boss Camp aims to inspire, challenge and foster the entrepreneurial spirit amongst school-aged and business-minded South Australians.

The event connects them to passionate South Australian business and startup community through an intensive two-day workshop and mentoring program, where they will be exposed to inspirational entrepreneurs such as journalist turned social media magnate Leila Henderson and magician, internet businessman and speaker Vinh Giang among others.

As their website proclaims, “By giving young people a chance to be job makers, not just job takers, the team behind Boss Camp also hopes it will play an ongoing role in contributing to economic growth in South Australia.”