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Beer innovation hits the spot and gets served with third place in Anthill's SMART 100


BeerVaults is the messiah of all adventurous beer lovers who wish to try exotic new beers but not at exorbitant prices.

Its in-built reservoir with cooling carbonation technology not only maintains the temperature and freshness of beer but it also hit the spot with our maven judges, coming in at number three.

3. BeerVaults

Headquarters: Footscray, Victoria

And now, our Exhibit A for proof that not all brilliant innovation has to address world hunger or display on an iPhone. Sometimes, a body just needs a small taste of a jaw-droppingly expensive beer.

But how can that be done? Ultra-high-end premium beers, as a rule, come only in bottles. And once a bottle is opened, it must be drained then and there. The proprietor is loathe to waste precious brew, while the would-be drinker doesn’t want to spend $50 (or much more) for a bottle.

Enter Biero, a chic Melbourne bar. The owners posed the problem to urban design firm JONESCHIJOFF. The result was the BeerVault. Suds fans rejoice.

BeerVault siphons the beer, under pressure, into clear, pressurised cylinders. The temperature-controlled containers can keep the premium beers in tip-top shape for up to five days, and customers can avail themselves of less-than-bottle-size samples for manageable prices.

There’s an aesthetic side to the BeerVaults too — the clear cylinders show off the brews’ various hues. It help the patrons’ shop for what looks good, and the multi-toned cylinders look tres cool behind the bar.

At this point, there are no plans to install BeerVaults elsewhere. But in addition to contributing to beer guts, the devices have been a powerful marketing tool for JONESCHIJOFF (so has the Paper Plane Academy). Cheers BeerVault!

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