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Aussie entrepreneur revolutionises board and company shareholder management with digital blockchain-powered platform


The COVID-19 pandemic has today ushered in a new wave of innovation for board members and shareholders alike with the launch of Shaparency, a new blockchain-powered, digital governance platform. 

The industry changing cloud-based ecosystem automates, streamlines and digitises the entire process of board management.

Unlike other tools which stop here and simply facilitate board meetings, Shaparency also engages shareholders with its unique, dual focused platform.

What does the platform offer?

For board members, Shaparency’s ‘board portal’ offers collaboration tools like integrated conferencing, live chat and task boards.

Digital minute taking, document signatures and storage underpinned by secure blockchain technology replaces inefficient, costly and environmentally damaging paper-based administration. 

Shaparency, as it’s aptly named, also provides shareholder transparency through its ‘shareholder portal’.

The web and mobile app-based portal allows investors to see company updates and communications, and vote or pass a proxy vote.

With increasing accountability being placed on companies to protect shareholders and maintain responsible governance, the Shaparency platform offers visibility, while also engaging shareholders.

An outcome not seen from any other online offering.

Powered by Hyperledger Blockchain technology, all data is recorded and stored in a verifiable and immutable or unchangeable way.

Board members benefit from increased efficiency, while shareholders can be assured their votes, signatures and communication are safe, secure and verifiable.

How did the platform come about?

Founded by Ben Nowlan, former co-founder and CEO of one of Australia’s largest last-mile delivery firms, Sherpa, the Shaparency platform was built and funded in a 10-week period during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Inspired by his involvement on various boards, Nowlan’s innovation is a result of bad shareholder experiences and his work with large corporations in digital transformation.

“It was clear that a technology forward stance would be key to success.

Not only is the market expected to double in size over the next few years, but the composition and makeup of boards are changing, as is the regulatory framework handed down by governments,” said Nowlan. 

“The latest global events with COVID-19 only further solidify the need to digitise the process of board and shareholder management.

Born in a time of disruption, Shaparency’s mandate is to disrupt. For every 8333 pages – the equivalent to a tree – saved using our platform, we’ll plant a tree on the company’s behalf.”

Designed for trusts, fintechs, not-for-profits and startups, Shaparency provides a secure ecosystem for companies with as little as three shareholders to as many as 3,000.

Available in Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore, the service operates on a subscription based pricing model with packages starting from $20 per month.

Free trial periods are provided for all packages as well as discounts for startups and charities.

Nowlan said, “At Shaparency, our goal is to provide a platform that helps companies go digital, with governance the end outcome.

Keeping in mind the digital inertia in the sector, we’ve designed an ecosystem that can be used by anyone, yet is underpinned by technologies that will see us pioneer an emerging industry.”

To learn more about Shaparency please visit here.

Aussie blockchain platform revolutionises board and shareholder management
Shaparency dashboard
Aussie blockchain platform revolutionises board and shareholder management

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