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Aussie spirits FTW! Plus, our very own Anthill original cocktail. Oh my!


Partakers of libations rejoice! The era of Aussie spirits is upon us!

There’s wonderful news brewing, quite literally, just for you. Three of our local spirit distributors have joined forces to form a new company called Local Craft Spirits.

Tequila Tromba (Aussie owned, produced in Mexico – home of Agave, of course), The West Winds Gin (West Australian owned and produced) and 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka (Tasmanian owned and produced) makeup the new collective, putting homegrown spirits in the hands of Australian imbibers from coast to coast.

So, is it all really Australian?

Local Craft Spirits, as the name suggests, is offering retailers local, craft spirits, but have not ruled out dabbling in other craft beverages, such as beer and cider, down the track.

The dream team is trying to get us to think more “locally” when it comes to choosing which booze to buy.

James Sherry, Co-Founder of Tequila Tromba explains, “There’s been a noticeable movement worldwide that is now gaining momentum in Australia, with people becoming more educated about what they eat, supporting local produce etcetera. And, whilst the craft beer movement has just taken off, Australians have been very proud and supportive of local wine for a long time now.”

Jeremy Spencer, Rear Admiral, head of sales, and master of booze and buccaneering (whoa, that’s an epic title!) at The West Winds Gin adds, “We are looking to kick off the next phase of this movement by getting Australian drinkers excited about local spirits, produced by locals as well as providing great service to our trade partners, who will have direct contact with the people behind the brands.”

The company is distributing in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney at present but plans to expand throughout the country very soon. The idea is that, with a rise in locally owned rising stars, like Local Craft Spirits, Australians will have no reason not to buy the homebrewed best.

Introducing, The Anthillian Cocktail:

Here’s something new for you to try: our very own cocktail by and for Anthillians! Delicious, effervescent, and sure to be a hit at your next party, here’s a cocktail we like to call “The Anthillian.”

¾ oz. 666 Vodka

¾ oz. The West Winds Gin The Sabre Gin

¾ oz. Tequila Tromba

¾ oz. light rum

½ oz. red curacao

1 splash of sour mix

2 oz. lemonade soft drink

1 lemon

In an ice-filled shaker, build all ingredients except the lemonade. Note to self: never shake a carbonated beverage!. Shake vigorously. Double strain over ice into a hurricane glass. Add the lemonade and stir gently for 15-30 seconds. This drink is so cool, it’s shaken and stirred. Dress the glass with a big ol’ slice of lemon peel. Viola!

Drink responsibly, Anthillians!