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Victorian Technology Profiles Aug/Sep 06


The path from start-up to success story can be a challenging journey. These two Victorian innovators are taking the path less travelled, turning good ideas into profitable international businesses, and they’re not looking back!


Most employers take occupational health and safety very seriously. Moral and ethical considerations notwithstanding, the prospect of prosecution and a hefty fine are impetus enough to toe the line. It’s no easy task, however, keeping track of compliance activities including OH&S, security, environmental, hygienic and quality assurance audits and certifications.

CMO Handheld Software founder and eDirector, James Cotton, seized the opportunity and developed Easy Audit, a compliance and audit management system enabling organisations to identify and eliminate risks before losses occur.

“I realised that if we could use technology to reduce the risk of workplace injury, we would be able to save lives and money – as well as paper,” says Cotton.

Easy Audit works on Windows-based handheld devices, making it ideal for field personnel on site visits. Previously, auditors would lug clipboards, past data and support information, such as manuals and compliance information. With Easy Audit on a handheld device, the audit, OH&S certification or data collection process and action closeout process is automated and simplified.

“We’ve had high uptake of Easy Audit in the manufacturing, property, maintenance and mining sectors in Australia. It has been developed for organisations with geographically dispersed offices or sites; hence it is really appropriate for any industry,” says Cotton.

Easy Audit integrates with enterprise systems, sending reports instantly by fax, email or SMS to alert company executives or site managers of an OH&S incident or an issue requiring action.

The system can replace any paper form filled in by field staff, and CMO Handheld Software is focusing on larger organisations with an increasing compliance burden. The Melbourne-based company also tailors solutions to meet client needs.

The future of Easy Audit looks global: “We have ambitious international expansion plans, with US, Middle East and even China well within our sights,” says Cotton.



It’s the stuff motor enthusiasts dream of: a V6 engine with V8 torque and four cylinder fuel efficiency. While it may seem a physical impossibility, a Melbourne-based company is turning the dream into reality.

Ron Kukler, CEO and Chairman of Green Diesel Corp, has spent ten years developing and perfecting the Kukler Fuel Injector, a high pressure diesel fuel injector which reduces fuel consumption, emissions and vibrations while increasing power output.

The injector technology uses cylinder pressure to create injection pressure of 160,000 PSI, compared to the standard 23,000 PSI. The increased pressure results in a finer spray of fuel particles. The fuel is burnt quickly and more efficiently, increasing power and leaving less unburned fuel.

“Our fuel injector can be retrofitted into a ‘dirty diesel’ engine in a couple of hours,” says Kukler. “It’s a simple operation.”

With one billion diesel fuel injectors produced globally each year, and several billion in use, it’s a healthy market. Kukler is even more excited, however, at the prospect of converting petrol cars to diesel, cheaply and effectively. He is currently prototyping the conversion of a Holden V6 petrol motor.

“Farmers want a workhorse, but they want an economical workhorse,” he says. “You get twice the distance out of a tank full and twice the torque, so you can load it up and it takes off quite nicely. Our system reduces the stress on a motor by two thirds, so we can convert petrol motors to diesel without blowing them up,” says Kukler.

A professional engineer with 30 years experience in combustion, Kukler says the conversion process will take up to four hours and can be done by amateur and certified mechanics alike.

An unlisted public company, Green Diesel has a current share offer to raise funds for further product development, facilities expansion, marketing and licensing.



It’s on again! This year Science Week runs from Saturday August 12 to Sunday August 20, 2006.

There are loads of ways you can get involved in National Science Week. Visit the website and find an event that enables you to learn more about science and how you can work with the scientific community in developing new ideas to grow your business.

Take this opportunity to learn more about science in your community.


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