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A social media dictionary for a new age


You’ve heard all the pros and cons for social networking. So, I’m not going there again. If you hate social media, run away. Now. However, for those of you who are hooked, there’s a whole new world of words and phrases that you need to be across.

So, I felt it was time for a dictionary for our new, social media age.

Of course, given that this is an article about social media, the best way to write it was to crowdsource it. So, I posted a request for other people’s social media words on Facebook and the following is the result.

I’ve left this more or less in the same format in which it appeared on Facebook – I just think it’s more interesting that way. Please feel free to add your own – we need a definitive dictionary list!

Bunnies: The “hot” chick Facebookers who go round doing random searches and adding hot men to their page for kicks. — Louisa Forrest

Blogsnob: Someone who doesn’t respond to posts/comments on their blog (or on FB which is just plain rude!). — Louisa Forrest

Barnies: Guys who search for hot chickibabes and add them at random. — Louisa Forrest

Chirping: The same as twittering except on Facebook, not Twitter – one of my friends threw that into a sentence once “I was Twittering this and that then had to chirp Facebook…” — Louisa Forrest

Double Jacker: Twitter SPAMMERS using TweetDeck for FB and Twitter – they BUG me! Louisa Forrest

Facebook Collateral: Someone you make friends with in order to get access to their friends list. Leela Cosgrove

Facebook Fatigue: Dah! Being over FB; bored; tired of it… — Louisa Forrest

Facebook Felony: Any drunken debauchery, act of adultery, or embarrassing act that should have been kept secret, but somehow managed to be exposed via an incriminating Facebook photo album or News Feed item. You can find many of these on Lamebook. — Louisa Forrest

Facebook Flapper: Someone who prefaces every post with excessive “OMG!!!!” and over use of ???? — Louisa Forrest

Facebook Foul: Committing a foul against the social unwritten rules of Facebook.com, including immediate responses, message/wall chatting and, most importantly, Facebook stalking. — Louisa Forrest

FaceBoozed: drunk Facebooking. — Louisa Forrest

FaceBurn: To give someone a round of stinging yet humorous comments/payouts via FB chat or wall post. — Louisa Forrest

A FaceOff: A showdown on FB involving mutually abusive wall posts between “frenemies” and a source of much entertainment for everyone else reading them! — Louisa Forrest

My favourite pastime is ‘Facestalking in Ninja Mode‘: Which is quite obviously using Facebook in offline mode. I am neither clever nor original – but I really do use these two terms all the time. Jac Cooper

Faded: When you’ve been taken off someone’s Friends List (and you just realised it as in “That b**** just faded me on FB!”) — Louisa Forrest

FB ExChex: Keeping updated with your exes via FB (checking out their photos/links/comments to see who they’re jumping now… I watched a GF do it and was crying with laughter! Tis gold!). — Louisa Forrest

The FB OCD: Obsessive Facebook users. — Louisa Forrest

Frenemylurkstalking: Watching the people you know from your past that you added while pissed talk about their relationship meltdowns and sex lives publicly while not commenting for fear your business connections link you to their lameness. Thor Saleswarlord

Friend Farming: Trawling through your Friends’ Friends List and adding tonnes of their contacts. — Louisa Forrest

Inbox-itis: Inflammation of the inbox due to spending too much time twittering, facebooking, etc., and not enough time reading email! — Wendy Moore

MyFacer: Postee. — Polly Alice Kiernan

MyFacing: Posting photos you have taken of only yourself, either from computer, phone or camera. — Polly Alice Kiernan

Tweek: A Twitter Geek. — Louisa Forrest

Twube: A video you have uploaded to YouTube with the intention of advertising through Twitter. Also, “Twubing” – the act of doing the above. — Louisa Forrest

Vicarious Photo Surfing: Flicking through photos of people you don’t know, especially photos of other people’s special occasions, such as holidays, weddings or birthdays. — Leela Cosgrove

Any more?

Leela Cosgrove is Managing Director of Business Writers Anonymous, focused on sales, marketing and business development. She is also a firewalker, has a black-belt in Tae Kwon Do, a penchant for tattoos, and enjoys bands such as Rammstein, Li Bach, Marilyn Manson, Pennywise and Bad Religion.