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    So, you want to be a cover model?


    If this sounds like you, we may have just furthered your ambitions.

    When asked to create a cover about the power of crowds, Anthill designer Lydia Sumner took our request quite literally, dragging together over 300 head shots to create the words Funky, Sexy, Cool.

    Not so coincidentally, this is the name of the Aussie (NY-based) social networking outfit that plays no small part in our Apr/May edition as the focus of our cover story (wheels within wheels).As such… if your glorious mug has appeared in Anthill Magazine, chances are, this month, you’ll be able to brag to your friends, colleagues, spouses, offspring, neighbour’s cat that you recently became a cover model.

    Call mum now!

    To check out the cover in detail (and who’s on it), click here.

    Or get to your local newsagent (newsagent finder, click here).


    More on the power of crowds…

    I came across this book recently (one of the perks of being an editor is that you are sent cool stuff). It’s about the power of crowds and how social networking tools are influencing the structure of organisations.

    If you like books by Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point and Blink) or the guys who co-authored Freakonomics, you’ll probably like this also. Because I’m not sure whether it is available in Australia yet, I have set up an Amazon account (click here).

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