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    Weird and witty business ideas and inventions


    Once again, we need your help with the next instalment of our Magazine 2.0 Experiment.

    You might be aware that I write Anthill’s Bi-Goodness column – a tongue-in-cheek look at unusual, funny and often ill-conceived inventions and business ideas.

    In the spirit of Mag 2.0, we’re keen to hear about any inventions or business ideas that you think are truly out there.

    They could be ideas you’ve had, ideas described to you by friends or family members or simply ideas that you read about or discovered randomly that made you giggle or furrowed your brow. Please post anything that springs to mind in the comments below, or by email to submissions [at] australiananthill [dot] com.

    I’m intending to write about the best ones (with attribution to you, including your company/URL) in our December/January edition – perfect reading entertainment for our subscribers while they relax on the beach over summer.

    Can’t wait to read your suggestions.

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