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Want more text messages? Your fridge, washer and vacuum can help with that [VIDEO]


LG has a vision of the near future. It’s one where you can text your fridge to ask if it’s got beer.

See. Now I have your attention.

In this LG-driven world, you can ask about what’s in the fridge, get the robot vacuum to clean the floors and the washer to do the laundry before you come home from work. So far, it doesn’t seem to sort the laundry, do the grocery shopping or actually prepare dinner.

Is this the ideal automated, remote phone controlled world? I can accept that having the heating or cooling switched on before you arrive home is a good idea. But, do I really want one company, be it LG, Google or any other, knowing how much champagne is in the fridge or, when I do my laundry?

This is a whole new layer of information just waiting to be added to big data collections.

These chatty appliances are already for sale in Korea, with plans to expand the market in the U.S. and, presumably other countries shortly after.

Check out this not-too-far-into-the-future world.

LG HomeChat


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