The death of Keynesian economics: How government stimulus could hurt Australia

The death of Keynesian economics: How government stimulus could hurt Australia


Talking Business is a podcast review of the Australian economy, presented by seasoned business journalists Leon Gettler and Garry Barker, produced in association with the RMIT College of Business. It features interviews with prominent business leaders and expert analysis from RMIT academics.

Could stimulus packages be bad for the economy?

In this week’s interview, RMIT economist Steve Kates talks about the death of Keynesian economics. He shares the growing view that stimulus packages around the world have increased debt, have not reduced unemployment and have made the crisis worse. He warns that Australia will feel the impact over the next year when China starts unwinding its stimulus package.

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Garry Barker and Leon Gettler both have established careers with ‘The Age’ newspaper, where Garry Barker is its Technology Editor, and Leon Gettler is a Senior Business Journalist. Gettler also works freelance on a number of other publications.

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    This was about sport and Melbourne storm not economics – sorry Guys!

  • Nickhac

    This isnt steve!

    • James Tuckerman – Anthill Mag

      Technical glitch. Posted the wrong MP3 link. Now fixed!

      PS. Extremely excited that I'm not the only person excited about economics. 🙂

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  • Jbis0191

    Agreed Chinese economy has helped Aus. significantly. However, we still have mineral boom here.. for export. Question is can U.S. regulate its banking system? The 1930's is not 2010, we are in a global economy. U.S. and China are inextricably linked. Socially am wondering around how U.S. survives socially with in excess 10% unemployment and disenfranchisement of a middle class.

  • Bruce Johnsen

    The discusion makes real sense of poor judgment by the government. I would go so far to say that it has been a strong reason for the increase of our interest rates. This increase being designed to bring money back into the country.