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Three little words I hate to hear: design by committee [VIDEO]


We’ve all been there.

You’ve been working on something and, whether you want it or not, everyone feels compelled to add their two cents.

I notice it all the time in television ads. You can see a glimmer of what the creative behind the idea was trying to achieve, the story they wanted to tell or the joke they wanted to make. Then, the ad got reviewed by a committee and it came out a mish-mash of banality.

It happens with websites. It happens with advertising. It happens with media releases. And, it can happen with a business idea.

The solution to design by committee?

Know what you believe in. Don’t let design by committee take a good idea and turn it into mush. Get constructive feedback when you are ready and don’t try to please everyone. Stay true to the vision (unless you reach a point where it’s proven that you need to try something else).

The comedy team at Vooza, my favourite satirical startup, nailed it in this video. Don’t be the person slumped in the chair. Or, for that matter, the guy on the phone when someone asks you for constructive feedback.

Design by committee – Vooza