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The art and science of a perfect investor pitch

Professional investors eye businesses with the potential to rapidly grow. Christopher Golis, author of ‘Enterprise & Venture Capital,’ thinks if the potential market of your business is lower than $100 million, venture capitalists would simply pass the investment opportunity. So make sure you can demonstrate a large enough market that can deliver the expected ROI.

Read this, before you speak to any Investor about your startup online business

There is basic information an investor will want to see before they become interested in you and, your online venture. But basically, it’s all about returning tons of money to the investor. It's never about making you a multi-millionaire. If you can answer the following questions honestly, then, you're ready to speak to potential investors.

Do you think you’re a good networker? Four simple tips for effective networking

Just because you network with hundreds of people each week doesn’t mean you’re a good networker. It really comes down to whether you’re doing it correctly. Are you building trust and creating meaningful relationships, or are you making people uncomfortable each time you open your mouth?

The Web Mantra: Usability, usability and usability

Consultants will advise you on how to build a good website, but few will dwell on what not to do. Here is the bad stuff you want to avoid at all costs. In the online world, all that matters is usability, usability and usability.

The world belongs to the askers. Don’t believe me? Well, I have six questions...

Advanced Selling Strategies author Brian Tracey said: “The world belongs to the askers.” The habit of asking must be developed, not only in daily life, but also in business activities. Here are just some of the wonderful things you can achieve in business if you dare to ask. Chicken?

Successful business management is all about marketing, marketing and more marketing. (Three tips and...

If property investment is all about location, location and location, successful business management is all about marketing, marketing and marketing. One of the most common causes of business failures is a failure to understand all there is to know about the market and the potential customer. Entrepreneurs need to gain this knowledge even before developing a product or service. Here are three marketing questions you should ask yourself and answer to succeed in business.

Four tests for e-commerce providers (before they get the gig)

If you’re set to start an online business, your website will become your brand’s bread and butter. Therefore, having the right e-commerce solution is crucial.



How to expand into New Markets with Elsita Meyer-Brandt [CHEAT SHEET]

Most organisations begin with aspirations to start local, then grow global. But, in reality, very few ever take the big leap into new markets. In this Cheat Sheet, Elsita Meyer-Brandt, Head of Market Expansion and International Marketing for Eventbrite, shares five rules to help organisations, just like yours, expand into new markets.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...