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Interface Innovation and Inovia join forces to launch online patent filing service


Inovia, a U.S. patent filing service, and Australian technology specialists Interface Innovation have partnered to launch inovia’s online patent filing technology, which will allow Australian entrepreneurs and innovators to file patent overseas.

According to Dr. Kiki Tanousis, a director of Interface innovation, the new online service aims to drop the prices of filing patents overseas, which is one of the most costly processes in the patenting process.

“Australian innovators are paying between 40 and 60% more for their patents overseas than their American and European competitors. This places Australia in a very anti-competitive position globally,” he said.

The new platform will allow innovators to file patents directly overseas and in a smaller time frame, and it is available to anyone wishing to use the service, including patent attorney firms.

Dr. Tanousis believes that the new inovia.com platform can change the landscape of the Australian patent industry.

“Like the non-bank lenders who turned the Australian banking industry  on its head twenty years ago, forcing down the cost of buying a house, we plan to do the same for Australian innovators,” he said.

“We are now calling on Australian patent firms to step up and provide the same kind of competitive service to Australian innovators,” Dr. Tanousis added.

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