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How to predict the next YouTube trend: proven with math, logic and bits of string [VIDEO]


A warning straight up, this video contains some salty language and urophagia jokes.

This is a cracking parody video from Ryan Higa. You may know him as nigahiga. A self-made YouTube celebrity, he runs his own YouTube tv show. He regularly scores between four and five million views for each episode. Not bad.

In this episode he has finally cracked the algorithm that will predict the next big thing on YouTube. Using logic, some crazy connections that actually do make sense and a large amount of string, he explains his almost flawless logic.

Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, babies, One Direction, Charlie the unicorn, the evolution of dance, David after the dentist, the dramatic chipmunk and may more of the viral videos that you know are shown to be connected. Why didn’t anyone realise this before?!

The next viral YouTube trend — Ryan Higa

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