How much work do you do for a pint of beer?

October 18, 2012
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You may never have thought about this. But, an Australian worker does an average of 12 minutes of work, in order to afford a pint of beer, according to a new report from The Economist. The average cost per pint in Australia is around $3.70 – nearly twice what some other nations pay.

To give some perspective to this figure, The Economist’s chart shows that workers in India are faced with putting in nearly an hour of work to afford a pint of beer at the Indian national-average price of $1.40.

Americans came in at the top of the list, paying around $1.80 per pint, which they earn in about five minutes. (Put down those calculators, Anthillians. I see you trying to tabulate the total cost of moving to the States, factoring in beer savings!)

Some interesting metrics emerge from the list. The Chinese work for nine minutes to pay $0.55 for a pint. The Japanese work for 15 minutes to pay $4.15 for a pint – the highest price on the list.

Australia still manages to perform in the top-half of the list, edging out our British brethren by $0.05, and a couple of minutes.

Look at it this way – by the time you’ve been at work for 12 minutes, you’ve paid for a pint. If that is not an impetus to get to work, I don’t know what is.

Chart courtesy of The Economist

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Brenden Rawson
Brenden Rawson

Awesome metrics! I'd love to know where these pubs are that are serving the low priced pints, driving down the Australian average.

Kathy Angelone
Kathy Angelone

Umm... please correct me if I'm wrong - the last time I bought a pint of beer in a pub it cost quite a bit more than $3.70...