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Apple Pay in action; is this going to change payments forever? [VIDEO]


In this video from TechCrunch, we see Kyle Russell test out the latest in cashless payments – Apple Pay.

And, it looks pretty simple.

Is it going to get even more simple with Watch, when it’s released next year?

Payments is the latest area where the big end of town are playing. Apple is making a serious assault on the payment space and, with xxx million iTunes accounts already linked to credit cards, it’s got the reputation and technology to do some serious damage on incumbent players, like banks.

Facebook too, is making a play. It’s been rumoured that peer-to-peer payments is why Facebook was so aggressive in converting mobile customers to its Messenger app.

While Apple Pay isn’t yet available in Australia, chances are, it’s coming soon. If, however, you happen to have a US credit card but are in Australia, Apple Pay appears to work (See video #2)

Video #1: First look at Apple Pay



Video #2: Apple Pay works globally


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