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Here are 6 steps you can take to pull off a great social media marketing campaign


We are living in the age of internet where every single business can benefit from having a strong social media presence.

In terms of ROI, a social media marketing campaign has a potential to do wonders for your business as long as you play your cards right.

With this in mind, you are probably wondering how to execute a great marketing campaign on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

That’s why we’re going to walk you through the six key steps you should follow in order to execute a perfect social media marketing campaign.

1. Choose your audience

The first thing you should do when starting a social media campaign is determine who your target audience is. Many entrepreneurs like the idea of targeting absolutely everyone, but those attempts often turn out to be unsuccessful. On the other hand, focusing on a specific demographic and trying to fulfill some very specific needs increases your chances of doing it right. For example, instead of targeting people in the business world, you might want to think about shifting your focus to small-business owners who are still trying to make it to the big league.

2. Focus on a single platform

Many new entrepreneurs decide to create social media pages for their business on every single platform there is. But when you think about it, this only makes them produce less content. Not to mention that different platforms have different quirks, so you can’t go around posting the same content on each of your pages. That is why focusing on one platform, the one you can benefit from the most, is always a good idea. For example, if the content you want to post is visual, you should aim at promoting it on Instagram, and only use other platforms for support.

3. Create a unique voice for your brand

When marketing on social media, your brand simply needs to have a voice. So think about the type of personality you want it to have – formal or informal? Playful or professional? It is things like this that will help you create not just a voice, but a real identity for your brand. In the end, your followers should be able to distinguish your brand’s personality from your competitors. Just bear in mind that forming an identity for your brand takes both time and consistency.

4. Come up with content nobody else is using

If you want your social media marketing campaign to be different, you have to produce unique content. We’re talking about starting discussions on topics nobody else is talking about and conducting original research. Also, you need to take a firm stand on any debatable topic, as that will help you differentiate from your competitors. If you’re struggling to come up with unique content, you should contact local marketing specialists who can help you out. For example, if you’re based in Australia, Sydney has advertising agencies like Toast Creative to offer, and turning to one of them is always a good idea.

5. Make your voice heard

Making sure your voice heard in the industry is one of the most important parts of every successful social media marketing campaign. The best way to do this is to turn to influencers in your industry. Identify them and try to reach a deal that’s beneficial for both sides. Another way of making your voice heard is through guest blogging. There are so many blogs today and finding one where you can present your content to your audience shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure your guest blog posts are interesting.

6. Talk to your customers

Don’t forget that social media is all about communication. One of the best things about it is that it allows you to talk directly to your followers and form a strong relationship with them. Therefore, make sure you respond to every single comment about your business, no matter if it’s a positive or a negative one. Not only this, but you should also reach out to your followers and ask for their opinion on given topics. Just bear in mind that all of your posts need to be checked for grammar mistakes before sharing them.

Follow these steps and your media presence will be unique no matter how crowded your niche is. Just don’t rush anything, and let your social media identity form over the time.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BIZZMARK BLOG. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

Dan Radak
Dan Radak
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