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Would you like to be a chapter boss for Anthill’s Entrepreneurs’ Night Out networking event?


The Entrepreneurs’ Night Out was founded on the premise that building a business can be a lonely undertaking. And, yes, entrepreneurs have it tougher than most.

Our friends and family often don’t understand the complexities of running a business… or the personal stress that comes with the job.

The Entrepreneurs’ Night Out offers a chance to meet and learn from other business builders, share a drink, have a laugh, gain insights from a panel and benefit from the wins and losses of other attendees.

So far, we’ve held events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. (In fact, we have a Sydney event next week.) However, we can’t be everywhere at once.

That’s why, we’re seeking motivated and passionate business builders to help us build chapter events throughout Australia.

  1. Would you like to help promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in your neck of the woods?
  2. Can you spare one or two days a month to hunt down speakers, draft promotional copy and help Anthill promote the event?
  3. Can you personally benefit in some way from your involvement? (We’ve found that unless you stand to personally benefit from the experience, you’re more likely than not to lose interest once the good vibes of your first event wear off.)

We’ll help source a venue, assist with logistics, provide templates and source online tools. And, of course, we’ll also help create the buzz needed to fill a room — through our site, email and social media groups. We can’t pay you, which is why point three (above) is kind of important.

If you’d like to put your hand up to become a chapter boss, simply complete the form below.

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