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Will this start-up on Indiegogo be the end of the business card as we know it? [VIDEO]


Smartcard start-up Cardect recently launched a fundraising campaign via international crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Through the funding round, the company intends to make its innovative ‘tap and share’ business card technology available to Australian and international customers.

Cardect founder, Matt Gazzo said the crowdfunding campaign would allow the company to deliver the world-first smartcard system en masse and introduce a new product to an industry prime for new developments.

“The business card industry is currently in an ideal place for growth and expansion. By introducing new, yet simple and easy to use technology, Cardect is looking to significantly drive this growth,” he remarked.

“Our aim is to make it easier for people to connect through simple tech solutions, whether it be for business or personal reasons. Current business cards are outdated and are becoming irrelevant in today’s tech savvy society. I decided it was time for business cards to evolve, so I dedicated the last 12 months to developing a product that works complementary to smartphones and will ultimately streamline the contact sharing process.”

How do Cardect smartcards work?

The Cardect smartcards, which work by tapping against any smartphone, allow the transfer of information and contact details to Apple and Android smartphones in seconds via newly developed Bluetooth integrations.

The cards are also accompanied by an app which allows contact information to be stored and quickly accessed for email, phone, social media and web browsing functionalities.

The Indiegogo campaign is now live and backers will have the opportunity to pledge for Cardect smartcards starting at $8 AUD.

Cardect is also charitable at heart

Cardect will also support ChildFund Australia, an international charity that works with disadvantaged families and communities to support children at each stage of their development, promoting children’s well-being, knowledge and skills so that they may participate in society to their fullest potential.

“ChildFund is proudly supported by many businesses, big and small, throughout Australia. We welcome Cardect as one of our newest business supporters,” said Nigel Spence, CEO ChildFund Australia.

Cardect hopes to raise $50,000 AUD which will be used to towards manufacturing costs and taking the product to retail. Cardect expects to fill crowdfunded orders in June 2016 and will go to market at the same time.

Matt shared more about him self and his innovation with Anthill in the interview below.

Matt Gazzo
Matt Gazzo

Who is Matt Gazzo?

“I am an innovator with a passion for creating new products that solve everyday problems. Growing up, my siblings and I were always taught by our parents that no matter what our dreams were, if we believed in them, we should work hard and chase them. We were encouraged with positivity throughout our childhood which has made a big difference in how I approach opportunities.

“I’ve had a number different jobs throughout my life and I’ve learnt the ropes of running my own business along the way. I decided to chase my passion and fulfill my first creation in late 2010, and developed a high protein/low fat and sugar ice cream that filled a niche in the fitness industry and was in over 40 stores in VIC and SA between 2012 and 2014.

“As my first serious start-up I learnt all aspects of starting and growing a business, experiencing first-hand the successes and failures, the obstacles and achievements which have ultimately set the foundations for Cardect.”

What inspired you to start Cardect?

“The concept of Cardect came about when I started evaluating my ice cream business, running through everything I had learnt and my experiences. Over the duration of the company’s lifespan I engaged in a lot of networking, particularly with suppliers, manufacturers, clients and stockists.

“I noticed that I had given and received thousands of business cards in that time, which were very impractical for me to store and made it difficult and time consuming to find contacts. The inconvenience of having a shoebox full of business cards also made me realise how wasteful business cards are.

“l thought that with the technology available to us today, there would be a easier way to share business information, but after a lot of research I found there was nothing on the market that really solved the problem for the everyday person.

“From there, I was inspired to develop a professional and cost effective solution to simplify the way that people connect. That’s when Cardect was born.”


What are you looking to achieve with Cardect?

“Cardect’s mission is to improve the way people connect through tech. We are committed to being an innovative start-up with a conscience. We want to be a company that drives change and creates a positive difference in the world, through simple actions such as reducing waste or supporting like-minded organisations such as ChildFund.

“Around 15 billion trees are cut down every year across the globe. By creating a reusable smartcard that solves an everyday problem, Cardect has the potential to help reduce deforestation for paper by minimising the millions of business cards that are produced every year.

“Our immediate vision for Australia is centred on growth and scale. Ideally, I would like to see a Cardect smartcard in the back pocket of every business owner and every employee in the world. We’re actively growing our team so that we can get our world-first product into the wallets of Australians, as soon as possible.

“Cardect has the capacity to significantly improve the way that Aussies network and we’re excited to be introducing our unique ‘tap and share’ functionality to local businesses. Australia’s start-up ecosystem is thriving and we are in a prime position to be entering a market that is ripe for disruption.”

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